AIKA Collectible is a place where human talent becomes a tradable asset class.

Part of Antler VC Portfolio, Aika Collectible is the first platform that allows anyone to turn their individual talent into an investable and tradable asset on blockchain.

The Project

Almost every talent in the world is fighting for their survival on the same terms: they have close to no income before they hit their personal jackpots, after which – the world is their oyster.

Fans, on the other hand, have primitive infrastructure to support their favourites but no infrastructure to invest & benefit from their idols’ growth.

Predictable supply is key in investing. Whether you are rich and famous or young and broke, you live your live 1 day at a time. Therefore, we cap it at 1 post per day

Utilizing the benefits of distributed ledger technology and Web3 as well as creating a simple and engaging platform targeted at Web2 users we allow fans to invest in talent with minimal risks as well as for talent to crowdfund their growth.

Invest in people, and own a stake in their success.

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Introducing Otos. Your own digital collectible, your promise to community and a snapshot of your history
Otos for Creators

Fuel your professional growth and create value for your community

Generate Otos linked to a specific day in your life, attach any utility you want to it and allow your fans to become your investors.

Be forever entitled to a fixed 5%* royalty from any secondary resale of anything you have created or share royalties with your co-creators.Indefinitely.

Otos for Fans

Invest in talent, own a stake in their success

Become a part of your favourites’ success story. Invest, collect, trade and take advantage of the attached utility.

Historically speaking, people, not “things”, tend to generate the most unprecedented growth, so be part of it!


July 2022

July 10th, 2022. We launch the NFT Presale for our community. Most of the Founder NFTs shall be available for purchase for the members of our whitelist followed by the public sale of Community NFTs. Limited number of Founder’s NFTs and Community NFTs available for our early adopters.

October 2022

AIka Collectible become the first web3 startup to become a Friend of Association of Independent Music Artists UK (AIM UK). With over 1000+ independent businesses, labels, producers and artists in AIM's portfolio, our goal is to spread knowledge about the benefits of web3 and select users for pilot launch of the platform

Nov-Dec 2022

Closed focus group testing of AIKA Collectible for all of the holders of Timekeeper’s NFTs and a group of selected creators and their audience

Q1 2023

The development of a public version of the application starts with the goal to have it up and running by the end of spring 2023

Q2 2023

We are going live. It is an all out public platform release with main perks and features available for the new and existing users of the platform


Founding team
Founder. CEO

With more than 7+ years in business development in startups and international SMEs and 2+ years in technology consulting, Dmitry has been involved in over 100 consulting projects spanning in dozens of various engineering driven industries. In the past 2+ years, working as a technical consultant in Blockchain and AI solutions, he was part of over 30 projects in the field

Technical founder. CTO

Eugene is a highly experience professional with over 10+ years of experience as project manager and Head of Technical Delivery.

His portfolio included management of the projects worth 30m$+ and in the past 6+ years in tech delivery (with over 4+ years working with startups and SMEs) he has successfully overseen the development and delivery of over 25+ blockchain projects.


Founded in Singapore in 2017 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, investors and company builders, Antler is a global early-stage VC enabling and investing in the world’s most exceptional people. With offices across most major startup hubs globally, Antler is passionate about supporting exceptional people to fundamentally improve the world


Founded in 2005, Unicsoft is a development partner of AIKA Collectible. An internationally distributed company with over 180 employees and over 30 blockchain projects behind their belt, since 2018 Unicsoft has been annually awarded a Top Blockchain Development Firm recognitions by Gartner, Clutch and Goodfirms.


AIM is the not-for-profit organisation representing and supporting the UK’s independent music community, which makes up over a quarter of the UK’s recorded music market. Now in its 22nd year, AIM’s members range from the largest, most respected record labels and associated music businesses in the world to DIY or self-releasing artists and the next generation of entrepreneurs in music. AIKA Collectible is the first web3 company to become a Friend of AIM in October 2022.


We are here to create a whole new asset class to represent human talent - Otos. If you look closely at any existing marketplace, you will see that it exists to sell items and/or services. 99% of all products in existence depreciate in value, whereas the value of creators of said products or services usually appreciates and often by x1000+ (the more experienced and well known you are - the higher your value).

Therefore, instead of competing with existing marketplaces that trade in “things” we want to allow users to invest in “talent” needed to create all these things. First ever iPhone is probably going to have outstanding value as a collectible item, but as a product - will inevitably perish, as well as hundreds of millions of other iPhones, whereas if you could invest in Steve Jobs personally, the day, when he announced iPhone from the stage will forever be embedded in the history. Imagine if you could own that “day”, created by Steve himself and existing only as one?

No fakes, no replacements, just pure talent and history of creation. Captured. Forever.

We live in a world where the value of your time is dictated by centralized entities until you are able to “break free”, which is not an option for 99,99% of the population. Your employer decides how much you are worth, your sponsors and clubs decide what your value is for the team and the fans, you create content to monetize it using ads of the products you don’t necessarily support or even like.

We are here to allow you to enter a true, P2P economy where your story, your own unique memories, your offering to community and your history can have direct value to your followers, sponsors, fans and contributors. We are used to generating tons of content daily, but most of it has no value. With AIKA Collectible every single user generates only 1 Otos per day, representing a day of your life and packed with the utility of your choosing. It’s up to you to decide what kind of content your NFT will include since your followers will decide how much it is worth for them.

Timekeepers is a collection of 8,760 NFTs that would serve as exclusive access platform memberships. Holders of Timekeepers NFTs will be part of a closed investor club, shall be entitled for the Governance Token Airdrop (please refer to our litepaper to learn more) and a number of unique perks depending on their category (Founder’s and Community NFTs).

As described in our roadmap and our litepaper, we shall have iterations of the AIKA Collectible, starting from closed Alpha all the way to the Live launch, and due to the platform mechanics, where general users can only mint 1 NFT per day starting from the day they join - being early to the platform allows you to be the first ones to bid on other creator's NFTs, create more NFTs and give you an advantage to start investing, trading, or collecting your NFTs.

Otos is a brand new, digital asset class that has no limits in its utility. Your Otos is your promise to your community, your own digital collectible card, a snapshot of your own history and an asset, that allows your fans to be part of your journey.

Antler is a global Venture Capital Fund and Accelerator with with combined portfolio value of 1.8 billion$+ and more than 400 startups in their portfolio. AIKA Collectible is a part of Antler Sweden portfolio and raised the pre-seed funding from Antler in May 2022. This provides us access to most exclusive set of skills, knowledge and expertise required to build another unicorn startup in years to come, and by utilizing their knowledge, available tools, tailored mentorship and years of experience it would help us develop a truly outstanding product.

Join the community
Join the community

Primarily targeted at people that are building their social influence, such as artists, athletes, performers and others, Aika Collectible is a platform where talent becomes a tradable asset class using personal history as a median for asset vesting. We enable people to create value for their community & let other people invest in their past and future success – piece by piece. AIKA Collectible provides a comprehensive infrastructure for users to be able to invest in a completely new asset class – human talent.
Join our community early as the possibilities grow every day.

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